Vedic Astrology is a element of Astronomy. It commences exactly where Astronomy ends. The planets that revolve close to the sunlight build a grave influence on the life of people on the earth as properly.

For comprehending an individual’s horoscope, the nine zodiac planets type the one most critical standards. But it is dependent majorly upon exactly where these planets are placed in relation to every other.

Some of the pretty fundamental issues in daily life which are defined by planets are

    • Happiness in an individual’s married daily life


    • How quite a few small children would a few have


    • What is the occupation that a person would go after

Alternately, every of the planets also symbolizes some pretty critical issues in daily life.

Just as an illustration, Venus planet in astrology is the symbol of enjoy and when properly placed, it delivers about enjoy and joy in a person’s daily life. In the similar way, if the planet Venus is associated with malefic planets, or if it is placed in a dwelling which is not beneficial, some worries in one’s enjoy daily life are possible.

Let us operate through some of the pretty fundamental approaches of figuring out planetary power. These are by no signifies complete but nevertheless would give us a wonderful diploma of notion concerning how a unique planet would impact us positively or negatively.

A host of other components also appear into perform and these would include part and conjunction of other planets, and also the unique Nakshatra wherein the planet is placed.

But the subsequent would be the fundamental approaches of accessing the power of a planet.


In a pretty standard way, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are regarded as benefic planets

Although Sunshine, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are regarded as as malefic planets

But every planet is possessed with its very own features and getting benefic and malefic has a ton to do with the placement of the planet in one’s horoscope.


In Vedic Astrology, homes as well are divided as favorable and unfavorable.

Planets placed in homes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, nine, and 10 are regarded as favorable.

In the same way, planets placed in homes six, eight, twelve are regarded as malefic.

The nearness of the planets, the standard character of the planet and the placement of the planet in a unique Dwelling of your Delivery Chart, collectively represent to its power and weakness. So the planets on their very own are not solid or weak and for that issue we can not level just one planet to be the strongest amid all. If a unique planet is placed in the proper dwelling, it may possibly greatly enhance your daily life and convey all the riches, fame, glory and the issues that imply the most to you, generating it a more robust planet for you. In the similar way, it is”1 for Every single”.

We will now determine a couple of attribute traits of all the planets that are regarded as when finding out Astrology. The planets have a certain precise traits of their very own, on the other hand, when it is in conjunction with other planets it may also get affected with the other planets. The placement of the planets is thus of grave worth.

Sunshine: Sunshine is the atma (soul) of all planet and individuals as properly. It is the King of all planets and thus possesses a variety of good traits these types of as getting a fatherly determine, has immense power, retains self-respect, is just, and authoritative.

What the planet Sunshine overlooks is one’s bodily overall health and vitality. So how an unique initiatives himself on to the entire world is actually dependent on the planet sunlight.

When Sunshine is solid in one’s horoscope, the unique is pretty energetic, and Sunshine helps make the unique a centre of attraction.

But is the Sunshine is weak in an individual’s horoscope, the constitution could be weak and the person runs the risk of becoming ego centric.

Moon: Moon is relevant to the brain. It functions as the mom of all, and imparts enjoy, peace of brain, positivity and feelings. Moon is funds. It also represents drinking water and greenery. It is closest to the planet earth and thus has an effect on us a ton.

The planet moon is the ruler of one’s appears and feelings. With the moon nicely placed, the unique is happy, and the moon delivers about a increased diploma of social and bodily attractiveness.

This in switch delivers about results in daily life, as a happy person would nicely combine with other people.

But this is in distinction with a moon which is not placed nicely, and could induce anxiousness or despair, or even hardship.

Mercury: Mercury depicts Intelligence. People today with a solid placement of Mercury in their Delivery Chart are company minded, have better grasping electrical power, can imagine logically, very good in math, are agile and inform. It also represents speech and other company relevant to it.

Mercury is the fastest planet in the photo voltaic system. It rules our intelligence and also influences our potential to communicate.

With Mercury nicely placed, an unique is possessed with higher intelligence. Mercury also presents dexterity due to the fact Mercury rules one’s palms as properly.

Some of the traits of people who have the planet mercury nicely placed include an aptitude talking, creating and training.

However, if the planet mercury is weak or afflicted, this would negatively impact an individual’s skills in these parts. This may even translate to a harsh talking type at times.

Venus: Venus depicts enjoy relationship and company. It improves your sex daily life, lifestyle, and convey alongside funds and prosperity of all kind.

Although Venus is the planet of enjoy, it also represents ladies in standard. Venus symbolizes magnificence artwork and socializing, and the planet generally stands for all very good issues in daily life.

When Venus is solid in one’s horoscope, it augurs good for one’s marriage as the few finds contentedness in their daily life and also establish an appreciation for arts.

But if the planet Venus in one’s horoscope is debilitated, it could lead some kind of disharmony in interactions. 1 may possibly even face a issue in relating with other people.

Mars: Mars depicts bravery, bravely, specialized and scientific power and self esteem. People today with a solid Mars are wonderful soldiers, policemen, engineers, physicians and relevant professions associated with it. It also represents land and real estate.

The planet Mars is the planet of atheletes. It signifies action. And with the planet Mars, we could appear to know about how much initiative does an unique actually have to convey about alterations in their daily life.

When Mars is solid, the unique is possessed with an potential to outlast his rivals. He is actually possessed with the potential to get up and go.

But when Mars is afflicted, the person may close up getting the variety of an unique who fights as well much.

Jupiter: Jupiter is identified as Guru – the instructor. People today affected by Jupiter are spiritually clever and well-informed. Jupiter supports enjoy, relationship, and vacation. It depicts wisdom and education and learning of the person. 1 is also inclined in direction of carrying out properly to mankind.

Jupiter is a wonderful beneficiary, and it symbolizes wisdom, faith and expansion.

The planet Jupiter also tells us about how much wealth would a person gain in his life span.

With a solid Jupiter in his birthchart, the person is possible to be a properly educated person who is properly to do.

Sometimes when the Jupiter is afflicted, content prosperity fails to adhere to.

Saturn: Shani is a hermit and depicts time aged age, poverty and daily life. It is a judgmental planet, and the person with a solid Shani can do very good in politics, company, and other these types of sectors that requires your self-self esteem. 1 with a solid Shani is hardworking, self-empowered and thriving in daily life.

Saturn is the planet of loss, but nevertheless can help us realize our restrictions. It can help us figure out the issues wherein we can not convey about a modify.

Saturn is the ruler of self-discipline and hard do the job. It is about obligation, longevity and loss that Saturn teaches us.

When just one is blessed with a solid Saturn in his birthchart, you could count on the unique to be dedicated, and with a determination to rules and traditions.

However an afflicted Saturn could make just one undisciplined, or even irresponsible.

Uranus: Uranus has all the traits of Mercury, on the other hand, it is much far more forceful or serious. We can time period it as the enhanced version of Mercury. It denotes serious expertise and intelligence, or serious alterations (drastic) that just one can experience. It also denotes present day technology, hypnotism and black magic.

Uranus transpires to be a mysterious planet, and signifies a phenomenon which is unpredictable or unconventional. When Uranus is notable in an individual’s beginning chart, he pays a deep regard to his originality and independence.

With the Uranus favorable, the intellect is sharp and the person is possessed with a want to be unconventional.

Neptune: Neptune is the enhanced version of Venus. It denotes intuition, magnificence and social daily life. It is also identified for building confusion in the dwelling it is placed in.

Neptune, in quite a few senses could be witnessed as the inverse of the planet Saturn, which is staunch and impassive. The planet is an idealist, but could close up getting an escapist at times.

If the planet Neptune is balanced, the unique is renowned for his magnificence or community picture. Having said that a Neptune not properly placed could convey the person nearer to illusions in daily life. He or she may possibly even establish complications with prescription drugs or alcohol.

Pluto: Pluto performs on a mass scale. 1 may experience significant issues happening to them (both very good or terrible). It is a recently found planet. It relates to mass, social and non secular daily life, and political functions.

The planet Pluto is identified to magnify the result of no matter what planet it touches. Although Pluto is associated with electrical power, it does so in a way which is overall or compulsive.

It is also identified that the planet Pluto operates beneath the surface.

When Pluto is properly placed, just one routines increased electrical power more than other people and enjoys increased wealth.

But a badly aspected Pluto can induce distress.

Rahu: Rahu depicts the ascending north node and has an effect on the moon the most amid the planets. It convey name and fame, unexpected alterations, overseas travels to name a couple of. It also aids in therapeutic illnesses.

Rahu is the astronomical level, exactly where the orbital route of the Sunshine intersects with the upper orbital route of the moon.

In standard, the planet Rahu is regarded as to be malefic.However when affiliated with benefic planets, the planet Rahu delivers about results, and wonderful riches as properly. It could even pave way for refined arts or scientific discoveries.

But when Rahu is afflicted, it could induce malefic outcomes as properly. This is vastly dependent on the planet it is most properly related to.

Ketu: Ketu depicts the descending south node and has an effect on the sunlight the most. It is worshipped for spirituality and also performs in favor of altering functions, incidents and breaking interactions.

Ketu, just opposite to the planet Rahu is the level exactly where in the orbit of the Sunshine intersects with the lessen orbital route of the moon.

Just like the planet Rahu, Ketu as well is regarded as to be malefic. But it could give a pretty good enhance to an individual’s horoscope when it brings together with favorable planetary configurations.

Earth Ketu is possessed with abilities to convey people to the more than worldly realms

All zodiac planets have their very own significance in astrology and can get a person to Rags or to Riches based upon their placements, their conjunction, the Zodiac Signs and Nakshatras. Having said that, just one may possibly also reduce the ill outcomes of the planets to a certain extent by implements certain remedies. 1 may possibly appease the ruling deity and surrender and may possibly achieve enjoy, overall health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and all issues that imply a ton to you.